The pandemic made everyone around the world realize how fragile and unpredictable life is. Everything can literally change in the blink of an eye. So what better time than right now to finally live out your dream to work and live in another country, to live a global lifestyle.

In order to achieve this you need a number of things; deciding the best location for you and your family, buying or renting real estate in the country, a second passport, opening a business, and many other things.

Before you make any decisions I highly recommend that you have a plan. Deciding where you want to live is the first step. There are many options for you and your only limit is what you desire and in some cases your budget.

If you want a place that won’t break your bank then Mexico, South America, and most islands in the Caribbean could be good options for you. Thankfully, all of these places have a very cheap cost of living and a very relaxed immigration system.

Moving to Europe, Australia, or some places in Asia could be a tad more costly. Many countries in Europe offer what is being called citizenship by investment program. This is pretty self explanatory, you invest money and you get a second passport.

Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Malta are some of the European countries that have cheap, fantastic, and easy to navigate citizenship by investment programs. In all of these countries with a major investment, you also solve another issue with moving abroad, real estate.

In most cases, buying property in a foreign country will almost always guarantee you a temporary residency that will eventually end with citizenship in a certain time period. In my opinion, this is the soundest investment you can make.

You become a citizen and you get to keep the house where you will be living in. Rent can work as well, but in order to get the temporary residency, you will most likely have to apply as a retiree or open a business in the country and create jobs. Buying property fixes this problem.

Another thing that you have to consider, can you afford a global lifestyle? Most parts of the world are cheap and have a low cost of living, but a ton of countries don’t give residencies or citizenships to people with low income or an unstable financial background.

If money is an issue I suggest you look into Mexico. It is cheap, it’s next to the United States, and has a very easy path to residency and eventual citizenship. You can live a comfortable life in Mexico for less than $2,000 a month. Deciding where you want to live, knowing where you will be staying, having permission to live and work in the country, and managing your finances. Those are the basic steps that everyone should have in mind when they plan to move abroad and live a global lifestyle.

Maybe you want other things such as starting a family or operating your business abroad. This is also possible, but you have to create preparations for it. You need to have a strategy before you decide to start living a global lifestyle.